Are you looking for a photographer in Boise, Idaho without breaking the bank?

Check out this list of photography studios that offer great services at a low cost:

  1. Ampersand Studios
  2. Two Birds Studios
  3. Nate Perkes
  4. Todd Nichols
  5. E+E Photography

cheap photography boise idaho

These cheap photographers in Boise Idaho will get the job done and keep your wallet happy. It’s important when looking for a photographer on a budget, that you find somebody that has basic skills and experience. Too often, you’ll find somebody who recently purchased a camera and thinks they’re now a photographer. You’ll also see quite a few photo school students trying to make money on the side, before they’re really ready to be charging clients for their work.

The biggest tip is to look at their portfolio for consistency in lighting, posing, and editing. This will make sure that you get repeatable results from your session instead of somebody trying something new with every image. It’s totally okay to ask the photographer to see a full gallery of their work, the same that they deliver to clients to make sure you’re getting the product you desire.

Affordable Photographers in Boise, Idaho
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