How to Take a Better Instagram Photo

Each day millions of photographs are getting uploaded on Instagram. This photo-sharing application keeps growing every day, so almost everyone that owns a smartphone can experience all the benefits that come with Instagram. The main purpose of Instagram has been consistent in the past several years, but the Instagram photographers are becoming better with each day and they now use some very sophisticated methods for making great photographs. In the first year when Instagram got introduced, Instagram users were uploading mostly simple photos of their pets, foods or posted selfies. However, as the times evolve, Instagram users are constantly seeking ways for uploading amazing photographs. Some of the photos can also get rewarded, which brings great satisfaction and bigger popularity of the Instagram user.

Tips for Taking Better Instagram Photographs

First tip to have in mind is not to rely too much on the photo editing options found on Instagram. There are numerous other editing applications which you can download and use. One important thing to pay attention to is the brightness. Make sure you adjust it properly. Then check out the contrast. After that, use some highlights and shadows in order to improve the lightning. Then you can either apply the filters of Instagram, or you can leave the photo as it is if you are not fond of using filters.

Second tip is to not go overboard with editing. Instagram filters can often reduce the overall photo quality, so try to make editing with some applications where you have a bigger control. Using flash should be avoided, because it creates an unattractive look that will make the photo object visually unappealing. One great thing to have in mind is not to take editing too seriously. The main purpose of Instagram is to have fun and experiment and not try to be a professional photographer. If you waste your time of thinking too much about how to take the picture, the result can be an artificial photo that will not look good and natural when you upload it.

Next tip is to try and be more creative. Try shooting from different sides and angles in order to get the best possible picture. If you want to take a picture of something that is one the ground, then the best thing to do is to get down and take a picture from a horizontal perspective. Most of the smartphones today have a focus feature that can easily blur the background. Take your time and wait a bit for your smartphone to properly adjust to the lights of the environment. Before you shoot the photo, gently tap the screen so the phone camera will start focusing the area you want to take a photo of.

man portrait

Another good thing you can do is to switch off the automatic flash. The natural light is a better option, so avoid using flash whenever you can. Sometimes smartphones are not able to determine whether to use flash or not, so better thing to do is switch it off completely and if you are not satisfied with the photo you can edit it later by using some editing software. Do not edit too much, because that way you risk your photo to look over-edited. Interesting feature of Instagram of which you can take a full advantage is to post photos in rectangular shape. When you select your photograph that you want to upload, the app will create a photo in a smaller square shape for you. By using your fingers you can zoom out and post the complete version of the photo.

Next tip for taking better Instagram photo is to follow the important Rule of Thirds. The object, action or moment that you wish to capture with your smartphone camera should not be in the middle of the picture. The places where the lines are intersecting are the places where your eyes initially focus when looking at a picture. Target those points of intersection as places where you will center your photograph.

chair photo

When start using filters – try using the scale for turning the filters up or down. Instagram has a default setting, but you can always change it depending on how much you want the filters to affect your photograph. Try not using the same filters all the time. Every picture is different and should be treated differently. Compare different filters and see what works best for your photographs. Take some risks, but remain simple and do not try anything complex. Trying new angles is always advisable, even if you are not sure whether it will look good at the end. Sometimes you can make great photos unexpectedly. People always like pictures that are taken unexpectedly or pictures that provoke different kind of emotions. Have fun and experiment and you will get that great picture you want.

How to Take a Better Instagram Photo