It is prime booking season for wedding photographers and I wanted to put up this post of tips. I spoke with Dylan M Howell to get some of his best advice. He’s been shooting weddings for 6 years, traveling all around the world in that time. He’s based in Portland, Oregon and a photographer worth following, both for his work and knowledge of all things marketing.

On to the tips!

Tip #1 – Listen to your clients.

I think it is so important to truly listen to your clients, learn their individual personalities. You need to see how they interact together, noticing the smallest of details. This will not only make your coverage better, but it will give more meaning to your clients’ photos. Put your ego down.

Tip #2 РAlways be prepared. 

This can’t be re-iterated enough. One of the largest responsibilities as a wedding photographer is to be able to get quality photos in all situations, under all time-lines. You can’t have gear failures, data issues, lost hard drives, schedule changes, or weather stop you from delivering your photos.

Tip #3 – Take care of your body.

I learned this a few years in, you need to be in shape in order to be a wedding photographer. These are long grueling days of constant movement, all while packing heavy gear. You need to make it 6-9 months without major illness, all while being around large groups of people on a weekly basis. Get sleep, workout, eat well, do yoga, etc.

Tip #4 – Moments matter.

I can’t stress how important the “boring” photos are to your clients. These images are their friends, family, loved ones. Not every image needs to be something you want to post on social media. Remember the true value in your service, documenting the day. Forget about shooting for Facebook or Instagram, shoot with the goal of delivering the best full gallery.

Tip #5 – Make friends in the industry.

This can be a desolate career, everyone you know is at work while you’re free and enjoying their weekend while you work. It is so nice to have people to talk to that understand the special problems we run into as wedding photographers. Plus, it helps to have somebody close to bounce ideas off of, or critique your editing when you’ve spent too much time staring at a computer screen.

That’s it for the tips today! Big thanks to Dylan for offering to give those out.

Tips for Wedding Photographers
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